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Deciding what to bring on your trek can lead even the most veteran trekkers scratching their heads. The desire to be well equipped versus the pain of carrying too much weight is a debate that rages before any trek. Granted if the trek has porters, the decision to add a few items to your stash becomes easier, but ultimately, we all wish to take more than is required. There exists a exorbitant choice of equipment that can be carried and worn during a trek. We purposely do not make specific recommendations on products as the state-of-the-art changes rapidly. Instead, here is a helpful list of essential items for any trek, as well as many suggestions for additional items that enhance your trekking experience. Many decisions must be made on a trek by trek basis taking into consideration the season, your fitness level, needs and ability to haul everything from beginning to end. You must always remember that what you pack in, you must pack out, or at least eat along the way. So don’t take more than you need. There is rarely a place to responsibly discard unwanted items once your trek begins.

Altimeter GPS Sleeping Pad
Backpack/Day Pack Hand/Foot Warmers Snacks
Bandana Hat Socks
Boots, Hiking Insect Repellent Sunglasses with Retaining Strap
Camera Jacket, Water Resistant Sunscreen
Camp Shoes Knife Toilet Paper
Clothing, Layered Lighter / Matches Tops
Convertible Pants Maps Towel
Dry Bags Medications Underwear
Duct Tape Personal Hygiene Watch
Electrolyte Powder Personal Location Beacon Water Filter
First Aid Kit Poles, Hiking Water Storage
Flashlight Shelter Wet Wipes / Hand Sanitizer
Gaiters Shoelaces  
Gloves Sleeping Bag