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Training for Trekking

The swoosh of a helicopter flying to the rescue may seem dramatic, however, if you are the one being picked up it is not only embarrassing, but usually highly expensive. All too often people embark on a trek and do not properly prepare for the mental, physical and emotional needs of their journey. Trekking up a mountain, down a canyon, or just across the countryside is a joyous and rewarding experience; however, one must be prepared for the activity they are undertaking. Many trekkers are lured into the idea of journeying down the path by fabulous photos, stories, or just boasting rights to say they completed the arduous task. Others, may have good intentions, but have no idea what is physically required or how to prepare for it.

While, predicting the exact nature of your problems is impossible, by following the advice presented here the chances of fitness-related problems are greatly reduced.

Obligatory Disclaimer

Trekking is an athletic event and like any athletics endeavor do not begin without a doctor’s approval. It is important to inform your doctor of the conditions your trek entails. These include the number of days the trek comprises, the distance covered per day, the change in elevation per day, the extremes of temperature, as well as the highest altitude achieved. This gives your doctor at least some rough guidelines as to your exertion level, but bear in mind that not all doctors are knowledgeable to give fitness advice. Clearly, get advice from a fitness-minded doctor.